A Doctor That Is In A Class Of His Own


Dr Rod Rohrich stands in class of his own when it comes to expertise in cosmetic surgery. Dr Rod Rohrich was interested in plastic surgery from the beginning of his professional medical career. Dr Rod Rohrich studied and did fellowships at many famous colleges like: The University of Michican, Oxford and Harvard. He graduated with honors, because he had a dedication to his studies and wanted to start his career as a plastic surgeon off right. Ever since he began his career as a plastic surgeon safety was always his focus. Doctor Rohrich believes that it is very important for each patient to find a plastic surgeon that they have researched, and to be sure to only work with a professionals that has much experience. He states that the most important factor in all of his plastic surgery is safety and because of that he stresses what he calls the three E’s,: Expertise, Experience, and Exceptional results.

Because of his dedication to his practice and also to his patients he has received praise from both patients and his peers alike. This year Dr Rod Rohrich was selected as the best plastic surgeon in Dallas by D Magazine. D magazine is a medical magazine that recognizes amazing physicians in the Dallas metro area. Apart from that doctor Rohrich was selected to be one of America’s best doctors by his peers. Two times Dr Rod Rohrich received the Plastic Surgery Education Foundation Distinguished Service Award. This award recognizes doctors for their contributions to education and plastic surgery.

It is easy to see that doctor Rohrich not only is a doctor that has much medical expertise, but that he is also a doctor that has proven to his peers and his patients that he is exceptional. At the present time Dr Rod Rohrich is serving as a professor that specializes in plastic surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Dr Rod Rohrich is truly a doctor in a class of his own, not only because of his expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery, but also for all of the steps that he has taken to advance the study of plastic surgery, and also to maintain safety as the highest priority.

Moonves looks to purchase CBS

The head boss over at CBS, Les Moonves, is reported to be looking into different options available to buying out the company’s majority shareholder. Moonves is said to be fearful that a merger with Viacom will be inevitable once the controlling shareholder, Sumner Redstone, dies.

One of the biggest obstacles that Mooves faces in possible attempts to purchase the company, would be that the buyout of CBS would need the approval of the majority members of the trust that will take control once Redstone is no longer able. It is reported that Philippe Dauman, the CEO of Viacom, is on the trust’s board. Lee Slaughter (Communitywiki) knows that it is presumed that Dauman would be in favor of a merger, leaving him in power and in charge of an even larger corporation.

Sumner Redstone owns 80 percent of the company, National Amusements Inc, that controls both Viacom and CBS. Shares of CBS have significantly gained traction since their split from Viacom in 2006, much more than Viacom shares have in the same time period. Moonves supporters are quick to show he has done a better job of running and improving CBS than Dauman has done with Viacom.

A Temple For Odin


When we consider the many religions of the world and their temples, some basic ones come to mind:

  • The Temple on the Mount in Jerusalem for Judaism and Islam
  • The Salt Lake Tabernacle for Mormons
  • The Vatican for Catholics
  • Mahabodhi Temple for Buddhists
  • Ise Shrine for those of the Shinto faith

Now after many years, the country of Iceland will have a Holy Temple. It is of a religion that is over 1,000 years old. That religion is called Ásatrúarfélagið. The gods that are revered are Odin, Thor, and Frigg. They are the Norse gods of the Viking age.

Outside Reykjavik, constructors will build a circular temple that will be dug into the mountain 13 feet deep.

Many of the customs of the Vikings will be followed by these followers of Odin, Thor and Frigg, but some will be left out, such as slaughtering animals stated Dave Morin.

The question comes: how will other religions react?

FreedomPop Gave Me Internet, While I Was On The Go

I love using the internet, because it’s fun, and I like to communicate with others in different countries. I’m on many different social media websites, and I enjoy sharing pictures and video with others online. I really need a constant source of internet, but my internet was very bad, and the connection was on and off at times. Sometimes when I got online, I would be disconnected out of nowhere, and it was very frustrating. I decided it was time to move on to another internet company, because it was disrupting my usage on a daily basis.

I was doing work one day, and I was angry when the internet cut off, so I waited until it returned, and I searched for another internet company. I came across the company FreedomPop, and I was curious about their prices. I found out that FreedomPop offers free internet, which is reliable, and I can even set up my own network within my home. I finally found a great company that can help me to have reliable internet.

I was not only interested in a home network, I also wanted internet to use, while I was on the road. I traveled to different places around town, and unless I could find a Wi-Fi connection, I was not able to go online, or visit my social media website. I decided to get the hotspot that was available from FreedomPop, so that I would have internet anywhere that I went. I felt that I had the good luck to find such a great company, which allowed me to have internet at home, and also while I was on the road.

To complete everything, I decided to add telephone service to my account, by purchasing a phone through FreedomPop. After I purchased the phone, I activated it, and I’m getting an amazing rate for texts, data and phone calls. I not only save money each month, but I also have internet at all times, and I’m taking full advantage of it. I’m constantly on the internet now, even if I’m stopping somewhere on the road for dinner. I never knew such a great company like FreedomPop existed, and I am excited to share them on Facebook so all my friends can try them too.

The Antique Wine Company

The London based company known as the Antique Wine Company is generally regarded as a specialty wine merchant presenting some of the most finest and rarest wines to the the competitive wine market today. The company was founded and created by London native Stephen Williams in 1982. From its fledgling beginnings the company has now grown to more than over 20,000 clients in over 70 countries and territories. Since its origins Stephen Williams has grown the company to a significant market share in the exceptional fine wine market. By current accounts his holdings includes well over 10,000 corked bottles of this world’s finest wine vintages in its private cellars. The Antique Wine Company is also known for its record breaking and prestigious wine collections and high art styled fine wine events. The range of services the Antique Wine Company provides includes; cellar planning, sourcing very rare wines and organizing private wine tasting master classes.

In partnership with master cabinet maker, Viscount David Linley, Stephen William’s Company has unveiled what it touts as its “Grand Chateau Series.” These are fine handcrafted wine cabinets which also include various architectural models of each of the top nine chateaux located in Bordeaux with each containing 18 bottles from each of the corresponding estates as they were produced during the period of the 20th and 21st centuries. For example, the “Château d’Yquem” model includes a vertical replica of the Chateau d’Yquem which spans over 141 consecutive wine vintages as far back as 1868. Also included in this collection are several letters and other memorabilia certified from the private Château archives. In 2006 The Company also sold a unique 135 year vertical collection which contained all vintages from 1860 to 2003. The reported sale price was listed as $1.5 million which was one of the highest set prices paid for a single wine lot.

The Company, in July 2011, reportedly also broke the world record for the most valuable single bottle of white wine ever to be sold. The bottle, 1811 Chateau d’Yquem, was sold for £75,000.

Reports dispatched that The Antique Wine Company purchased in November 2011 the top lot of the Hospices de Beaune wine collection auction located in Beaune, France.