Paris Ends Love Affair With Bridge Locks

What started off as an affection of love, has turned into a major phenomenon that has captured the imagination of lovers nationwide but the ire of City of Paris officials who are concerned about public safety. Folks at FreedomPop (engadget) have learned that, starting today, the city of Paris will begin removing more that 700,000 locks attached to the Pont des Arts bridge. The locks started appearing on the bridge after an Italian love movie showed a couple proving their love for each other by attaching a lock to the fence on the Pont des Arts bridge and tossing the key into the river. The practice has caught one and now over the past several years, more than 700,000 locks have been attached to the bridge. While the show of affection is romantic, city of Paris officials have noted that the combined weight of the locks is the equivalent of over 20 elephants and the sheer weight of the locks are destroying the bridge fence and could pose a risk to the soundness of the bridge. Officials believe that it may take several days to remove all of the locks and that the soundness of the bridge will be reviewed once the locks are removed. There is no word yet on what will happen to all of the locks and how the locks will be disposed of. City of Paris, France Ends Its relationship with Love Locks on City Bridge

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