Pathways Offers Hope to Cancer Patients at CTCA

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has implemented a new integrated technology system that allows clinical decision support tech to flow with the electronic health record. The CTCA has partnered with NANT Health and AllScripts to roll out this new type of tech to help deliver more support to cancer patients. The Clinical Pathways programs allows the physician to receive real time data on treatment outcomes and does not interrupt the flow of information.

Pathways presents all treatment outcomes to improve the patient’s outcome. Patients are able to see the different options and weight the best treatment for them. The latest research and clinical options are integrated to give the patient the best possible outcome. This treatment platform offers numerous benefits. Custom treatment for the specific patient, treatment option comparisons, access to up to date information on treatment, and other information flow updates. This pathway opens the door for cancer patients and allows them the best option for the best outcome.

Pathways always helps clinicians to reduce the variability in treatments, showing inefficiencies among certain groups. This reduction in inefficiencies gives the quality care patients need at a critical time. This Pathways program is available for each patient at all of the CTCA five locations across the states.

Cancer Center Treatment of America is a Florida-based cancer treatment group, operating out of five hospitals. Their goal and focus is on adult cancer and treatment. They integrate genetic and precision treatment to offer their patients the cutting edge care needed to beat these aggressive diseases.

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