Protecting Your Children During The Summer

Summer is soon approaching and many families will be traveling. With travel and children comes the potential for them getting lost. This is especially true when heading to local theme parks like Disneyland. One parent has come up with an ingenious idea to ensure your child is safe.

After having a lost child or two, a mother of 4 came up with the solution. Adam was surprised when he first heard about it. She takes an ink pen and writes the child’s name and her cell phone number on their wrist. Then she applies a layer of liquid Band-Aid over the top of it. The Band-Aid makes it waterproof and seals the information in. Ink would usually just dissolve as the day moves on, but being sealed is a benefit. There are other methods, like the kid leash, but this mom thinks this one is the best.

There is nothing more horrifying than losing a child in a busy place. Better still, there is nothing worse than being a lost child. When you cannot find your parents, it is a freaky experience. I have been there myself a time or two. Finding methods that allow you to ensure your child’s safety is imperative in the day and time we live in. Gone are the days when people return innocent children and now they take off with them. While most people are good, it is those select few that you have to watch out for.

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