QNet: Direct Selling and NOT MLM

QNet wants to make sure everyone in India knows that the company runs things in an “above board” manner. The management of QNet has taken numerous steps to help establish the honesty and integrity of the company. Some might find this odd behavior as few businesses are this proactive when it comes to reputation management. Undertaking a campaign in India to prove QNet remains in compliance with all laws and is completely transparent definitely is proactive. In a way, QNet has to take steps of this nature. The multi-level marketing industry in India does not have the best reputation. QNet is roped into the MLM controversy even though QNet does not follow the MLM pyramid structure.

For those first learning about QNet, it is necessary to point out that the e-commerce company employs a direct selling model. This type of business arrangement utilizes affiliate sellers to promote retail sales at a remote location removed from a retail store. The merchandise is then delivered to the customer after purchasing and the seller receives a commission. Motivated sellers could end up making a lucrative income through being diligent with their sales endeavors.

The MLM industry also has a number of exceptional sellers and honest businesses. Sadly, the MLM world is rife with problems due to certain companies exploiting the pyramid scheme model. In this model, members are constantly trying to recruit new members to promote products. In some cases, only the people at the top of the chain make money and those way down the line fail to earn much, if anything.

Even though QNet avoid any attempts at trying to follow a MLM strategy, the public does not always know the difference between the way e-commerce businesses operate. So, QNet is being very forward in its attempts to separate itself from other businesses operating in India. QNet has also been very outspoken about wanting the Indian government to increase its oversight of the industry. QNet is an exceptional marketing firm growing at a rapid pace.

Why is QNet going to all this trouble? Basically, QNet is making some very huge investments in the Indian market and does not want to see any problems arise. QNet is moving forward with intentions to relocate the totality of its manufacturing in India. That is a big move and the last thing the company wants is to see its name besmirched for no reason.

QNet also has designs on expanding niche marketing strategies in India. Doing so could prove lucrative and another reason the company wants no problems in the market.

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