Sanjay Shah Seeks to Raise Autism Awareness through Fun Festival.

What we do with our money will always be more important than the fact that we have earned it to begin with. For Sanjay Shah Denmark, the CEO of Solo Capital Markets, there were some very positive ways that he could leverage his earnings and clout within the financial industry in order to make a positive change on the world. While Shah may be focused on making money for his clients during the work week, he is just as focused on raising awareness for those who have autism through his foundation/festival: Autism Rocks.

Every April marks the beginning of Autism Awareness Month and it is during this time that autism generally becomes a more talked about and out in the open topic. For people who have autism or parents of children with autism, it can be a hard topic to talk about in day to day life. People don’t typically look at autism for what it really is: just a simple difference in ways of thinking. For Sanjay Shah the utilization of his company roward raising awareness for autism was almost a necessary act.

Sanjay and his wife Usha both have an intimate relation to someone with autism: their son. Usha Sha says, “We wanted to encourage more research into why people are afflicted with these conditions and what can be done about it.” Shah went on to say that there were many events for special needs children but not so many that focused on kids with autism. This is where Autism Rocks came into play.

Autism Rocks is a charity concert that features popular musicians every year since it was originally founded back in 2014. Since being founded Autism Rocks has hosted artists like Prince, Drake, Flo Rida, Lenny Kravitz and even Prince. Since its inception Autism Rocks has raised almost $800,000 — a huge sum that has gone directly to helping research and spread the word on autism.

Sanjay Shah is a well studied man who never planned to end up in the financial world. Initially Shah had studied medicine before moving into accountant work. Since then Shah has started Solo Capital as well as his foundation, Autism Rocks.

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