Succeeding in Finances with Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is an alternative investment firm from the United States. According to a recent report by the company, it pronounced the health sector that has been on the decline for the past few years is expected to make a rebound this year. In the recent years, energy stocks held by the company in a fund called Highland Small-Cap Equity Fund tripled the returns of this firm in the year 2016. This fund is overseeing by Michael Gregory who is the chief investment officer of a program within Highland Capital Management called Highland Alternative Investors.


According to Gregory, Highland Capital Management has managed to invest in heavy projects because of its credit competency. This is particularly true when it came to the energy sector when the oil prices were at their lowest. In fact, after the firm concluded buying all shares, the selected partners did not terminate their dividends. The Highland Small-Cap Equity Fund has made investments in five sectors. There is the healthcare sector, real estate’s sector, financial sector, energy sector and the consumer sector. Because of its prowess in the financial sector, Highland Capital Management was invited to the Nasdaq Marketsite recently. Other than the invite, the company was listed in the Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF. As part of the tour, the co-founder of the company, Mark Okanda was expected to ring the closing bell. Mark Okanda is also the chief investment officer of the company. He partnered with James Dondero in the year 1993 to establish this firm having identified a gap in the market.


As of today, Mike Okanda estimates that the company has over $16 billion assets under its management. When we say that the company specializes in credit strategies, we mean that they deal with long-only funds, credit hedge funds, and distressed investments. They also specialize in collateralized loans obligations and special situation private equity. They deal with people from all walks of life including corporations, family foundations, high net worth individuals and even public pension plans. They not only have offices in Dallas but have offices in other parts of the globe like New York, Seoul, Singapore, and London.

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