Talkspace: Therapy With Heart

One of the things that many people have noticed in the therapy community is a lack of care and a lack of heart. It has become a money business and that is all it is to them at the end of the day. They want their money, and they do not care how they get it or if someone has to suffer along the way. Talkspace is for the people and by the people. It consists of over 1,000 professionals that know how to help people. The great news is that people can actually pay for it and not go into the poor house in doing so.

Talkspace is looking to revolutionize the way that therapy is done as someone can either text a therapist, talk to one on the phone, or have a video session. They like to let the clients have the control in the situation. After all, no one knows their situation better than them. Because of this, they want to make sure the client feels like they are in control of their mental health. They have the help they need, which is great, but it is even better when they decide when they need it and how they need it.

Too often, they have been told what to do and it just doesn’t seem right and it doesn’t work for them. Those days are long gone, as now they can communicate with the therapist and come up with a plan that works best for them and puts their mind at ease. In-person therapy works for some people, but for other people, they prefer the app and the telephone route. Talkspace saw a void that was out there, and they decided to swoop in and do something about it. They are truly heroes in that regard.

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