The Many Talents of Norka Luque

Norka Luque didn’t always know that she wanted to be a singer. From the beginning, she had many different career goals that included the achievement of several different degrees. These degrees all helped shape who she is and have contributed a great deal to the success that she has seen as a singer. Starting out, she thought that she was going to be many different things and she was always changing her career goals. Each time, she stuck the degree out until the end because she knew that quitting was not an option even if she did not want to continue to do it.
Norka went to France to get a degree. She wanted a degree in business and found an excellent school in France that was going to give her the opportunity to have the degree that she wanted. Because of this, she became fully immersed in the French culture. This is something that brought some influence into her music. Once she completed her business degree, she thought that she could take it somewhere else. For that reason, she got a culinary degree and then a degree in fashion. These degrees did not stick and she continued to wonder what her career would look like in the future.

While she was pursuing one of her many degrees while she was in France, she was given the opportunity to join a band. The band liked the way that she sang and they wanted her to contribute to their great sound. Up until this point, Norka had never even considered a career in the music industry even though she had gone through so many different options that she wanted to do. This was the first time that she was able to truly see what it was like to be a singer and to do the things that she could do.

From there, her music career exploded. She wanted to be a singer full time and quickly found out that she was good at it. She actually was able to use her experience that she had gotten from her various degrees to help herself while pursuing her career in singing. Both the business and the fashion degree helped her. She knew what she needed to do to be able to achieve the success, she saw it and she went for it. She is now a successful music artist who has been making waves with her tunes.

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