The Technology of Cancer Treatment Centers of America That Saves Lives

The organization Cancer Treatment Centers of America has recently teamed up with two other entities to create a technical solution that improves the workflow of professionals in the field of oncology. Known as Clinical Pathways, the program includes technology from NantHealth and AllScripts and works to optimize the suggestions for treatment that physicians can implement for their patients. The program works in unison with the electronic health records from AllScripts and contains info from hundreds oncologists.

Clinical Pathways promotes patient advocacy and was created with this as a priority. The technology through the programs allows for direct comparison of different cancer treatment options, including the average cost of each option based on market trends. Clinical Pathways also helps to customize the treatment plans for each individual patient based on their general health, current state of disease, and other factors. The information included in the databased offers almost 3,000 proven treatment regimens for patients.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America specifically consist of five different hospitals across the United States that specialize in oncology. In addition to treating the actual cancer of thousands of patient, this organization works to effective integrate plans that manage the pain, fatigue, and other side effects felt when receiving treatment.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America was originally started by Richard J Stephenson. Inspired by personal tragedy, Stephenson created the first Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital in 1988 after his mother died of cancer shortly before. Disappointed in the lack of specialized treatment centers, Stephenson would open the hospital in Zion, Illinois with four other centers to follow years later.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers numerous ways that help the patient. The organization has a team of managers that is available every day of the week and 24 hours a day to assist the patient in various areas. Assistance includes help with logistics, filling prescriptions, and managing treatment appointments without a lapse in recommended treatment schedules.

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