Wengie’s Gift wrapping Hacks

Wengie cut up an empty cereal box and folded it inside out to create a box to wrap gifts in. You really must watch this video to see how it is done. The gift box becomes small enough for a watch or bracelet.


You can make a  gift box out of two bathroom size paper cups. Just cut of the edge of the cup and use some decorative washi tape to trim the top. Add some candy. Hole punch the top and add a string to hold the gift tag.


Scraps of fabric make a great giftwrap. Make sure it is square shaped. Place fabric facedown, place the gift in the center,diagonally. Take each corner bring them together and tie a knot. The video will give complete instructions.


You can make you own design stamps by cutting up pieces of potato into different shapes that can be pressed onto a stamp pad of any color you choose. If you use a triangle shaped potato piece and press into a yellow stamp, and the use a semi circle shape and press it on a white ink pad, you can make a an icecream cone design on brown parchment paper. Small triangular designs pressed on in a green ink pad can make mini Christmas trees.


There are other gift wrapping designs that include photocopying some photos of you and the gift recipient. Use the black and white print out as wrapping paper. For more gift wrap ideas and how to wrap gifts, see this video.

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