Whitney Wolfe and Bumble: Helping People Find Romance and Friendship

Single adults lead busy lives. They never seem to have time to meet interesting people to date. And, if one doesn’t enjoy the club scene or bars, their options are limited. Never fear, dating apps, like Bumble, created by Tinder co-founder Wendy Wolf in 2014, have come to the rescue.In the 21st-century one can use their mobile device to find romance. Online Dating apps are easy to use. Clients enter their personal information and preferences, search for a match, and swipe right or left. The process makes vetting potential candidates easy.

Pew Research Center studies show that 15% of American Adults have used a dating app to help find a romantic partner. That number continues to rise.People who use dating while admitting to a minimal downside seem to overwhelmingly see the process as a good way to meet people that are a better match, meet more people, and value the ease, efficiency, and relative safety of the method. Wendy Wolfe, Bumble Founder, and CEO even created a platform that allows only the women to initiate contact between the matches.

Bumble has close to 12 million registered users, and although either client can initiate contact in same-sex situations, hetero women can avoid the sleazier and more harassing style of connection used by some men on dating apps. Wendy Wolfe’s Bumble app now operates globally and has facilitated over 100 million matches.Wendy Wolfe grew up In Salt Lake City and earned her education at Southern Methodist University. She had her business while still in college, started a project named the Help Us Project, worked helping orphanages in Asia, and eventually moved to Austin, Texas and founded Bumble.


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